6 Custom Kitchen Island Design Ideas


Custom Kitchen Island Design Ideas. Use kitchen island ideas to learn how to make your kitchen more comfortable and useful. When you use a custom kitchen island, you get the best one for your home and kitchen based on how much space you have and what you need. Kitchen island ideas take us back to the kitchen of a farmhouse or even to the Middle Ages when most of the food preparation was done on a large work table.

The kitchen island can be used as an extra place to eat, and it’s also an easy place to prepare food. In a big kitchen, the kitchen island can make the working triangle (the sink, the fridge, and the range or cooktop) more efficient by making the distances between them shorter.

Here are 6 Custom Kitchen Island Design Ideas to think about when you are planning your kitchen:

1. Kitchen islands work best in L, U, or G-shaped kitchens.

pic source: Ellen Grasso

If the kitchen island is too small, it will get in the way and make it difficult to move around. For small to medium-sized kitchens, the best custom kitchen island is a butcher block or movable kitchen cart that can be used for food preparation or extra storage.

2. Install a vent hood over your kitchen island stovetop to remove smoke, steam, and odors.

Center Island Vent Hood
pic source: Pinterest

For proper airflow, the sides of the range hood should be at least 3 inches longer than the cooking area. Using the right size fan will make sure that removal works as it should. Have a fan that can move about 50 cubic feet per minute (cfm) for every square foot of cooktop space.

On the kitchen island, there is room for a second sink. Use a sink that is deep enough to wash big pots and pans. You might also want to put a trash compactor, garbage disposal, recycling bin, or even a dishwasher on the kitchen island. When these things are close to the sink, it will be much easier to clean up.

3. Make sure the kitchen island has enough counter space on all sides if using a sink or hob.

Include at least 15 inches of counter space on each side, and if your kitchen is big enough, leave even more space. In a kitchen, you can never have too much counter space. Also, make all corners of the worktop have rounded edges to help prevent people from getting hurt.

4. Use the island’s shelves to hold cookbooks, collectibles, or other items.

This is a good place for a built-in TV, especially if it faces the family room. Or, you could use a microwave to quickly heat up snacks after school or cook food.

5. The island’s countertop doesn’t have to match the rest of the kitchen as long as it fits the room’s decor.

You might want to splurge on solid surfacing here but save money on the other countertops by using laminate. Butcher-block countertops are great for chopping, while granite or marble work well for baking and rolling out pastry dough.

6. Add windows, skylights, and light-colored paint to your kitchen to let in natural light.

The pendant or recessed lights make unique kitchen islands function effectively. Electrical outlets on fixed kitchen islands should be on the sides to prevent electrical shock.

Custom kitchen island designs can help you create a multipurpose space. If you design your kitchen island effectively, it will be helpful and efficient for years. Your kitchen is arguably your most-used space.


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