8 Tips to Make Your Living Room More Aesthetic


Make Your Living Room More Aesthetic

Filling a living room with aesthetic decorations is a challenge in itself. Especially if the living room is small, of course, there are many things that we need to consider. For that reason, we have tips for organizing the living room this time.

Don’t worry. With these tips, you can make your living room feel more spacious and charming without needing a lot of furniture. In addition, the living room can also become more multifunctional.

Tips to Make Your Living Room More Aesthetic

How to organize a living room not only requires

1. Choose a trending wall paint colour

pic source: freepik

To make your home more contemporary, you need wall paint matching the trend. This time, the latest colour trends use more soothing colours, such as blue, sage green, or apricot.

To not be too overwhelming, combine it with neutral colours like white. In addition to displaying a clean impression, white can also give a general impression of the room.

2. Place a round mirror or large mirror

pic source: the spruce

Many houses with contemporary designs deliberately place round mirrors or large mirrors against the wall.

Putting a mirror will give a spacious look to your living room, you know. Besides that, the mirror selfie trend, a selfie in front of a mirror, is the latest trend many people have.

You can put a mirror on the living room wall for a more aesthetic impression, such as the following recommended products.

3. Using a minimalist sofa with velvet material

minimalist sofa with velvet material

You can leave the leather material that seems old. You can switch to a minimalist sofa made of soft fabric.

Usually, this smooth minimalist sofa has a simple and contemporary impression. Besides that, velvet material is also relatively easy to maintain.

Well, we have recommendations for types of fabric sofas, such as the following.

4. Maximize the living room wall

the living room wall

To make the room look aesthetic, you can put decorations such as wall shelves. Then, use the shelf to place various objects such as action figure collections, books, or even artificial flowers.

You can choose a wooden wall shelf that is neutral with all concepts. You can arrange your favourite photos or paintings to add an artistic impression.

5. Add greenery to the corner of the house


To make the living room look more alive, you can add ornamental plants to the house.

Besides giving a fresh look, putting green plants can also produce clean air in the house.

As a recommendation, you can put artificial ornamental plants in the corner of the room to give a green look to the living room, like the following.
You can use frames like the ones we recommend below.

6. Use multifunctional furniture

multifunctional furniture

In addition to saving budget, using multifunctional furniture is one of the tips that can be used in a minimalist residence.

For example, placing a bookshelf as a room divider between the living room and family room. This bookshelf can still provide privacy in the next room.

Another piece of furniture that has various functions is the ottoman bench. Apart from being a seat, this bench can also be a home decoration and storage area.

Well, you can find multifunctional furniture such as the product recommendations below.

7. Use an aesthetic chandelier

aesthetic chandelier

A contemporary living room is incomplete without the presence of a chandelier. It can make the ceiling of your living room more appealing.

However, make sure you choose the right hanging cabinet with a shape and colour that matches the room’s theme, so it looks more manageable.

Well, here are recommendations for aesthetic chandeliers that you can use.

8. Use a soft carpet

Frosty Faux Fur

To beautify the living room floor, you can use a floor carpet. Choose a carpet made of soft material and unique motifs to give a contemporary look.

We have recommendations for aesthetic round-model carpets that you can use at home.

You can try those tips for decorating a contemporary living room at home. It’s easy because you only need to use furniture that is simple and easy to find.


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