9 Top Tips for updating a room to make it feel newer and more comfortable


We all have a room in our house that could use some remodeling. But where to begin? If renovating a room seems daunting, here are 9 top strategies to assist you in modernizing a worn space.

Here are 9 Top Tips for updating a room to make it feel newer and more comfortable

Going from tired or even frumpy to spectacular does not necessitate gutting a room or your home. Still, it does necessitate being conscious of the “condition of our homes” and staying on top of any necessary improvements. So, today I’m going to show you how to upgrade a room to make it the best it can be.

Change is complex, and the modifications we need to make in a space to give it a new and updated look can be daunting at times. Because most of us can’t or don’t want to make drastic changes all at once, let’s accept that decorating is a process!

And it is frequently a slow process. So be patient with your room and yourself, and celebrate each small step forward!

Two Things You Should Know Before Updating Your Room

Before updating any room in your house, you should keep two things in mind. These two factors will go a long way toward ensuring the success of your room remodel.

You must be aware of your decorating style. Knowing your decorating style is similar to having a game plan. Knowing your decorating style can allow you to make far better decisions!

Everything you place in your room should be guided by your decorating style. It’s much easier to update a room when you know what works and doesn’t!

The second item to consider before beginning to decorate is your color pallet. Not the colors you’re using in the area you’d like to update, but the colors you’d like your upgraded room to be! This is a crucial distinction!

Knowing your color palette will assist you in making everything in your room work together!


Modern living room interior design

Your paintbrush is an excellent instrument for updating various items in your home! Refresh the hue of your walls with a fresh coat of paint! Painting a room is the single most effective way to refresh it. The change will wow you!


The clock in the great room is an example of how paint can be used to update anything! Paint a tired mirror if you don’t like it! Paint a chipped chair. Paint a clear vase! A small amount of paint and a paintbrush are equivalent to a magic wand and pixie dust!

Learning how to paint things in your home will go a long way toward giving it a new, in-the-moment look! And painting anything in your house is enjoyable!


Slipcovering or reupholstering furniture is incredibly transformative! I slipcovered two sofas and two chairs, and I love how they turned out!

Find a local seamstress or reupholsterer in your neighborhood who knows how to slipcover.

Choose a robust, neutral sofa that will last for years! Patterns and colors should be reserved for minor accent pieces.

Consider having cushions manufactured for furniture such as wooden chairs and benches. A lovely cushion can breathe new vitality into a room.


It’s about combining more expensive furnishings or designs with less expensive products.

This is a welcoming, lovely, reasonably cost way to decorate! Consider the term juxtaposition. The idea of putting two things together creates a contrast. And as decorators, we want the juxtaposition to be visually appealing or interesting!

Pillows, lamps, candlesticks, vases, and imitation plants were all cheaply priced, and some were even free!

It all comes down to the high/low balance. It’s about having lovely pricy pieces alongside things I buy at Goodwill, on a super sale, or have had for years and years. And when dressed correctly, they look fantastic together! This is design gold!

Also, work on developing an eye for attractive things and looking for similar items at low prices.


Please remember that renovating a room is time-consuming and should not be attempted overnight! If something makes your entire area look drab, there may be no way to hide, paint, or upcycle it! Maybe it’s time to get rid of it!

You may require some time to make this decision. Go ahead and consider it. But don’t become “stuck.” Because they are stuck, many home decor aficionados do not update their homes!! Stuck in a poor attitude!


Most of us like to accumulate things. They can also be quite sentimental to us. Because I am not a big collector, this is difficult for me to grasp. However, I have loved ones that collect figurines, vehicles, flamingos, and other items. And I know that these collections make them happy.

And the majority of collections make our homes appear antiquated. Instead of displaying your entire collection, put three or five collectibles together and rotate them in and out of a room. This one thing will instantly update a room!


We have a habit of collecting furnishings and accent decor and layering it on top of each other. Beautifully curated furnishings and well-chosen accent items would be preferable in most settings.

And it’s such a simple repair! Get rid of anything that has gathered in a room! This will instantly make a place look more modern and fresh.


Give old furniture or accessories a new lease of life. Consider bringing decor from one area of your home and relocating it to another.

Even the tiniest new thing (or new to that room) can make a significant difference in altering the overall appearance of a place.


Updated accessories will boost a room’s trendy cred. Pillows, trays, accent rugs, plants, architectural elements, candles, lanterns, and other accessories may bring a personal touch of pizzazz to a room!

Accessories that refresh a space will alter every few years, so keep these three criteria in mind…

  • Make advantage of what you enjoy.
  • purchase cheaply
  • Create it yourself

Another idea for updating a room. Don’t leave your accent décor in the same spot for too long! Rearrange items.

Find and employ accent decor that you can move throughout your home to give it a new look.

Isn’t it simple?


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