Interior Design Concepts


Interior design concept is an overarching idea upon which other design decisions are made. Before anything can become a reality, it must evolve from a concept into a comprehensive strategy. The best ideas for interior design are based on a common theme that uses color, pattern, and furniture to make people feel a certain way.

type Interior Design Concepts

The Four Major Categories of Decor

  1. The classic aesthetic of house decoration. 
  2. Current trends in home decoration are leaning toward a more contemporary aesthetic. 
  3. The aesthetic of an industrial factory. 
  4. Minimalist is a popular approach to home decor.

interior design style

Here are the 5 most fundamental ideas of interior design concepts.

  1. Harmony. The home is not made up of unrelated rooms but functions as one entity with several interconnected spaces linked together by passageways and a series of stairs.
  2. Rhythm. A sense of rhythm is essential in both music and home decor.
  3. Balance.
  4. Center of attention.
  5. Ratio and Gradient


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