Summer Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas That Are Both Modern and Timeless


Kitchen lighting design ideas are an excellent method to spruce up your time in the most important room in the house. A touch of modern yet traditional lighting in your kitchen will ensure that you never feel alone in the kitchen, whether you are cooking for yourself or all of your friends. Furthermore, kitchen island lighting is quite imaginative. If your kitchen has a walk that extends into the living room, you can use pendant lights to create a natural delineation between the two areas. These lights will ensure that your workspace is well-lit. It’s also an excellent location for a small gathering of friends.

Kitchens should definitely be in top condition because they are the hub for delicious meals, family get-togethers, and imaginative design choices.

There are several alternatives for kitchen lighting fixtures. The tried and reliable guidelines of tiered lighting apply to the kitchen just like they do to living rooms and bedrooms. You may harness its power and design a well-lit, well-balanced kitchen interior by purposefully stacking light.

Three levels of illumination should be the foundation of any kitchen lighting design.
Your kitchen lighting should preferably include fixtures from the following categories:

  • Ambient lighting is a gentle overhead light that illuminates the floor and walls, making it easier to enter, exit, and manoeuvre the kitchen.
  • Task lighting is brighter to highlight worktops, islands, sinks, and other workspaces, allowing for greater precision during food preparation, cooking, and cleaning.
  • Accent lighting, brighter than ambient lighting, highlights architectural details or decor in the kitchen, such as a coffered ceiling or a collection of fine china.

Here are the Summer Kitchen Lighting Design ideas

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kitchen lighting design tips
Add multiple sources to illuminate your kitchen. Pic Source:


Add a Rustic Touch
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