The Look of a Luxury Beach House

Luxury Beach House

We all want to hear the waves crash on a sandy beach and fill the air with salt water spray. The sound of the warm wind rustling through the tall palm leaves. The sound made by gulls as they fly and dive. Days and days of sunbathing. Vitamin Sea is a phenomenon that is healthy and good for you…

But if you’re staying at home this summer or can’t afford a cabin in the tropics, life may seem a little dull right now. So, to give you that vacation feeling and make you feel like you’re on top of the world, here are our best tips for making your home look like a luxury beach house, no matter where you live.

What makes a house feel like a beach house?

If you’re into design, coastal living has nothing to do with shabby furniture and piles of shells that are only half broken. It’s more about wide open spaces, colors that remind you of the sea, touches of wood, and bright, natural light. Everything that makes you feel happy, calm, and casually comfortable. Get rid of the tacky starfish and wave-pattern theme and instead focus on making a subtle, elegant look that is inspired by the lightness and calmness of nature. Here are a few small ideas that might help you get started.


Using old furniture from a thrift store to make something new is a good idea. Try a wash of paint, pretty new handles, or destressing techniques to make it look like it has been used and worn.

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Window dressings

Install plantation shutters in neutral colors or natural wood on all of your floor-to-ceiling windows to give your home a classy look. Or, hang some soft linen curtains to make the room feel more open. Frame your view with a cozy window seat or some comfortable chairs.

Wooden cladding

White shiplap is the best way to make your home look like a charming holiday home. Use it to cover your ceiling, your kitchen, or a single wall in your living room. But don’t go overboard, or it might look cheap.


Classic hardwood or tile floors are best, and a large area rug can bring your look together and add some warmth. Choose a fun pattern or a soft blue or off-white color to keep things simple.


Think about the visual weight of your room and make sure it feels like it looks and fits with themes like beach, water, and plants. You can do this by putting in clay pots, sisal baskets, wooden sculptures, and cushions and throws with different textures.

There are three types of interior design that are great for coastal living.
Here are three design styles that are perfect for a beach house and a simple, easygoing way of life:

Scandi is organized, simple, calm, and connected. It is made up of earthy colors, natural materials, and clean, soft lines that give off a sense of well-being.

Boho: This style is laid-back and carefree, and it’s all about blending different objects and furniture from all over the world to make a look that is both stylish and casual.

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Shabby chic is a style that uses neutral colors like beige, off-white, grey, and sand, as well as worn wood, white linen, and old furniture, to make a charming modern vintage look.

You’ll love the high-end beach house furniture

Rattan, wicker, teak, and rope are all great materials for adding that touch of coastal class that is so important. And with brands like Ethimo, Roberti Rattan, and Skyline Design making beautiful, luxurious garden furniture, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to buy. Even though a beautiful sofa and accent chairs are great choices for indoor furniture, some modern outdoor furniture designs are so stylish that you’ll want them in your living rooms too. Here are the three best ones.


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Malibu Luxury Beach House 057


Photo beachhouse.malibu on Flickr

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Ammos Homes - Sand Pails luxury beach house

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Luxury Beach House

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Luxury Beach House

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